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Sunday, March 19, 2017

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Sticky Shoes: A Review

Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy Leap Year Dy, followers! I have a special treat for you today: not only is this my first post in a while, but this is also my first product review! I was selected to be among the first to try Sticky Shoes, the first double-sided tape that makes every pair of heels the perfect fit, and I am very excited to share this product with my readers!!

I tried out my Sticky Shoes inserts this weekend and I have to say I am a huge fan! (I used them on my Jeannie Badgley Mishcka shoes since they are a little big on me!)

Original Photo
It really is such a simple idea but I have never experienced something that worked so well. One of my feet is almost a whole half size smaller than the other, so buying shoes that fit properly is always a challenge. But my problems are solved thanks to Sticky Shoes!

Sticky Shoes will work on both heels and flats and I highly recommend it for brides and bridesmaids!

Here I am going to give you step-by-step instructions on how to use Sticky Shoes...

Image c/o @thestickyshoes via Instagram

1. Peel white adhesive backing off strip.
Original Photo

2. Place the adhesive side down inside the heel area of the shoes and press firmly.
Original Photo

3. Peel brown adhesive backing off strip. Carefully place foot in shoe.
Original Photos

4. After removing the shoes, find the easy removal tab on the small end of the strip. Pull tab gently from shoe to remove strip.
Original Photos

All in all this is a great product! The tape really helped keep my foot in the shoe, came off smoothly without damaging my shoes and left no sticky residue behind. Sticky Shoes will be hitting the shelves in the spring - just in time for wedding season!

For more information on this great product, visit their Kickstarter page here or follow Sticky Shoes on Instagram: @thestickyshoes

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Disclaimer: This post is composed entirely of my honest opinion. I did receive a complimentary "kickstarter" kit which contained 2 pairs of Sticky Shoes that were used to test the product and write this review. Other than that, I received no compensation for this post. 

Bye Bye Bridal...

Monday, January 25, 2016

So I know that I have been MIA for a while, but so much has been going on in my life! I recently accepted a new job opportunity working as a sales assistant for a wholesale jewelry company called Robert Rose! Kleinfeld was great, but it's time for a new adventure. So for now, I am taking a break from the bridal industry.

On my last day at the store, we received some beautiful headpieces and accessories from one of my favorite designers, Maria Elena. (One of the things that I will miss the most is seeing all the merchandise that we receive - especially the shoes!)

I decided to feature Maria Elena today because I definitely want to wear something from her collection on my wedding day!

First and foremost, I am completely obsessed with these fur clutches!

Original Photo | Kleinfeld Accessories Boutique 
Original Photo | Kleinfeld Accessories Boutique

One of my favorite pieces from Maria Elena are the beautiful bouquet rosaries that she makes... not to mention the mirrors and treasure boxes too!

Original Photo | Kleinfeld Accessories Boutique 
Original Photo | Kleinfeld Accessories Boutique
Original Photo | Kleinfeld Accessories Boutique

You can really get a feel for the Maria Elena European flair when it comes to her crowns and cameos!

Original Photo | Kleinfeld Accessories Boutique
Original Photo | Kleinfeld Accessories Boutique

Since it was my last day and since the pieces are so stunning, I simply couldn't pass up the opportunity for a photo op!

Original Photo | Kleinfeld Accessories Boutique
Original Photo | Kleinfeld Accessories Boutique

What accessories are you going to rock on your wedding day?? 
Let me know in the comments below!

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Monday, January 11, 2016

Happy New Year, followers! I know it's been a while since my last post but I promise I am trying to get back into the swing of things now that the holidays are over!
Last weekend was a very special one because my BFF from You Have the Right to Remain Fabulous had her engagement party! It was on January 2, 2016 at Li Greci's Staaten in Staten Island, NY.
Original Photo | Li Greci's Staaten
Her place card table was beautifully decorated with pictures of her and her fiancée...
Original Photo | Li Greci's Staaten
The room was still decorated for Christmas which gave a really warm touch to the evening. The centerpieces and table display complimented the room very nicely. 
Original Photo | Li Greci's Staaten

She also had the most delicious and adorable cake, complete with bride and groom penguin cake toppers!
Original Photo | Li Greci's Staaten
Original Photo | Li Greci's Staaten
My favorite part of the night was when the Hot Cocoa Bar was open! I helped Lauren pick out the toppings to serve and got her some cute décor for the table as well.
Original Photo | Li Greci's Staaten
The sign was custom made by my favorite ladies at anna soirée in Oakhurst, NJ. The Mr. & Mrs. mugs were purchased from the boutique as well.
Original Photo | Li Greci's Staaten

Original Photo | Li Greci's Staaten

It was a terrific night and the perfect way to celebrate my favorite high school sweethearts, the Future Mr. & Mrs. Rivera!! Congratulations Lauren & Will!
Original Photo | Li Greci's Staaten
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8 Signs Your Engagement is Right around the Corner!

Monday, November 30, 2015

Image c/o Pinterest
The holiday season is officially here! You know what that means... your news feed is quickly going to be filled with engagement photos!! Don't worry though, today's post is going to help you spot the signs that your engagement is right around the corner...

1. Future Plans
An easy to way to know that your ring is coming is if your hubby keeps talking about your future together. Maybe before future talk was uncertain but now discussing far off plans seems totally natural.

2. Missing Jewelry
If your favorite ring has suddenly gone missing, don't be alarmed! Maybe a little elf borrowed it to double check your ring size...

Image c/o Pinterest
3. Quiet Time
Proposing is a huge deal, so if your significant other is acting nervous or anxious don't worry. Comfort him (without nagging him) to help calm those butterflies.

4. Tighter Budget
If money seems tight and your nights out have become nights in, it doesn't always mean that things are going south for the two of you. He might just be starting to save for payments on your new bling.

Image c/o Pinterest

5. Family Matters
If your family is acting weird and has stopped nagging you about when your proposal is coming, it might just be because they don't want to blow the big surprise!

6. Time for a Mani/Pedi
Is your BFF suddenly overly concerned about whether your nails are chipped or not? If so, she probably just wants to make sure that your left ring finger is camera ready!

Image c/o Pinterest

7. Out of the Ordinary Date Ideas
If your hubby is suddenly wanting to take you on lavish, out of the ordinary dates, maybe something is up! He clearly can't propose over a carry-out dinner with Netflix on the TV!

8. Weekend Getaway
Speaking of out of the ordinary dates, nothing is more romantic than a vacation or long weekend getaway! Whether you're snuggled up fireside in a snowy cabin, or lounging at a five-star resort, the alone time sets the scene for a perfect proposal!

And don't worry if you can't spot the signs - your significant other might just be really good at surprises! Sometimes the best proposals catch you totally off guard and seem so out of the blue!

Image c/o Wedding Wire via Pinterest
Thanks for reading! Happy Holidays!

11 Post-Engagement Priorities

Monday, November 16, 2015

15 Creative Engagement Photos That Will Make Your Heart Happy:
Image c/o Pinterest

Lately, I feel like my Facebook newsfeed is full of engagement announcements! Some of my friends have even reached out to me asking where they should start...
Today I will answer that question for all of you! Here's my advice for 11 Post-Engagement Priorities!
1. Tell Your Parents
This sort of goes without saying, but you definitely want to tell both sets of parents before you post that Instagram photo. In fact, it is best to personally reach out to all your close family and friends before that snap of your sparkler goes viral.
2. Get 2 Ring Holders
One for the bedroom and one for the kitchen. You don't want to  leave your rock on the ledge of the kitchen sink or on your nightstand because it can easily fall, get misplaced, or even get damaged.

12 Useful Gift Ideas for Newly Engaged - ring holder frame by the charming peach:
Image c/o Pinterest

3. Insure the Ring
You'll need to get the ring appraised before it can be insured and that usually costs a small fee. When shopping for ring insurance, remember to read the fine print. A good policy will cover every potential ring-threatening situation, from theft and damage to accidentally dropping it in the garbage disposal.

4. Perfect Your Proposal Story
Everyone is going to ask you "How did it happen?!" and you're going to have to share your story over and over. So get it down pat including all essential details so you're prepared!

Nice photo:
Image c/o Pinterest
5. Celebrate!
Engagement parties are awesome! It is the perfect way to celebrate the couple without all the pressures of a wedding. Usually the parents will pay for the engagement party so it's really a great way to start banking money for the wedding!
6. Save, Save, Save
Open a joint bank account for you and your hubby and start depositing money into it each week. Wedding costs add up quickly so start saving!
Guys against girls. Sack races, beer pong, beer olympics, oh my! Here is a great way to tie everyone together! Can have their individual:
Image c/o Pinterest
7. Discuss Bridal Party Size
You and your man need to be on the same page before each of you start asking people to be in your bridal party. Your friends and family will all start to wonder what their roles will be so be sure to have this discussion early on in the engagement! Especially since you will need your MOH right away!!
8. Draft the Guest List
Everything revolves around the guest list! Your guest list will affect the budget, venue space and more. You need to have a rough idea of how many guests you will have so that you can start to look at venues that best suit your needs.

Tall pink and white wedding flower arrangement by White Lilac Inc., photo by Jana Williams:
Image c/o Pinterest
9. Scout Out Venues
Obviously, your venue space is a huge part of the wedding. Venue spaces need to be booked way in advance - some really exclusive places might even have waiting lists! If you do nothing else in your first few months of engagement, you should at least book your venue!
10. Buy Your Wedding Bands
even if your wedding is still far off, you should start looking at bands (and probably buy them) right away! You probably looked at bands if you shopped for your ring and it's not a bad idea to purchase the matching band to your ring while it's still available.
11. Register for Gifts
This is one of the most fun parts of wedding planning! Start a registry right away so your family and friends know exactly what you want and so you don't end up with one too many sets of his and hers champagne flutes!
wedding gift tablecute and simple, hire table and table cloth, make banner and add a centerpiece that matcher the rest to the side :):
Image c/o Pinterest
If you can suggest another post-engagement priority, share with us in the comments section below!
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How She Asked

Monday, November 2, 2015

Happy Monday, followers! Today I want to share with you how my BFF officially asked me to be her Maid of Honor

Original Photo
It happened last weekend, when I went to visit her in PA. Since she is currently attending Villanova Law School, we thought we would go to the King of Prussia mall (so jealous that it's practically in her backyard!) to go dress shopping for her engagement party. Little did I know what she had in store for me!

The first stop of the day was a fabulous brunch spot, The Silver Spoon in Wayne, PA where we had the most amazing french toast!

Original Photo
Since no brunch is complete without mimosas, she popped the question in this totally original way - with prosecco!

Original Photo | Get yours here
Once I said yes, she gave me the most adorable MOH care package! Since she knows me too well, everything was pink - my favorite color!

Original Photo | Get yours here

So if you're totally over all the Pinterest how to's, get creative! No matter how you ask your best gal pal to be your MOH, it is a moment that she will always remember and treasure!

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