The Guy's Guide to Getting Married

Monday, November 17, 2014

Hey guys!

So you're thinking about popping the big question?

Feeling overwhelmed? Anxious?

Don't know where to turn

Well don't worry - The Blushing Bridal Guide has your back!

Step 1: The Ring
So of course the ring is step one! That's right guys - this $60 billion industry all starts with YOU! (Well, you and the ring and the proposal!) But choosing an engagement ring can be a daunting process. There are SO many options and things to consider when choosing an engagement ring. Here are a few helpful tips that will help you get the ball (or diamond) rolling!

Traditionally speaking, it was custom for a groom to spend anywhere from 1 to 3 months salary on an engagement ring - but as priorities have shifted, this tradition has been discarded. Most women don't want their man to spend so much on a ring. Also, although you might want your future wife to sport a big rock, it might not be practical for every day wear, especially if the wearer is very active. Grouping smaller diamonds, rather than one big stone, is a way to keep the cost down.

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For more details on choosing the perfect ring for your future bride, be sure to check out my last post Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend.

Step 2: The Proposal
Ahhh step two - you're up again, guys! Not too much advice to give here... Just PLEASE don't try to propose without a ring! There's a reason it's step one!!
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Step 3: Pitch In!
Dude, seriously, help out. Great job with steps one and two, but let's keep up the momentum! Planning a wedding is hard work - and who knows, maybe you might even enjoy some aspects of it! Besides, you're about to spend your life with this woman and you will have to help each other out in good times and in bad. So you better get used to it!

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Step 4: Pick Your Pals
You're up again, guys! Time to pick your groomsmen who will be have a front row seat to your special day. Just be sure to coordinate with your wifey on how many people will be in the bridal party. Your number of groomsmen should match her number of bridesmaids. 

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Step 5: Plan the Rehearsal Dinner
It is customary for the groom (and/or groom's family) to pay for the rehearsal dinner. The dinner usually happens the night before the big day and can be as intimate as you would like. There will be a ceremony rehearsal at the venue where your nuptials are taking place and the dinner will follow. Sometimes couples send out separate invitations for this, but it isn't necessary. Feel free to invite whomever you would like!

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Step 6: Look Dashing!
My recommendation? Rent the tux. Buy the tie - it will look WAY better than a clip on and you might actually use it again. Plus, you may want to keep a piece of your day-of ensemble as a memento.

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Step 7: Show Up
Congratulations! You made it! Now enjoy your special day - and make sure your bride enjoys it too! Also, don't forget that behind all the planning and the glamor, this day is about the TWO of YOU! Be sure to take any opportunity to whisk her away for a private moment. You won't get many, so learn to recognize them early on.

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And don't forget to thank your bride for all the work she put into this special day. And hey, if you followed step three, you'll be thanked too!

Step 8: Pack Your Bags!
Time for some R&R! But first, some advice. Don't feel pressured to leave for your honeymoon right away! Personally though I haven't yet been married, I feel like the wedding day is such an amazing high and surely the honeymoon will be too. But you don't want it all to happen too fast or feel like a surreal experience. So maybe take a few days (or weeks or months) in between and allow reality to sink in!

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Step 9: Get Turbo Tax
No, I'm not joking. Unfortunately, as of 2013, filing jointly could actually cost more than filing as a single individual. But hey - till death do us part ... right?

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Click here for more information on the new law!

If any guys (or girls) made it this far down the post, thanks so much for reading!! I hope this post was helpful! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email!