How To: Plan Your Wedding While at Work

Monday, December 1, 2014

Planning your wedding is like having a second full-time job. There is so much to get done in a timely fashion and it can be very difficult when you work 9am to 5pm. By 5pm many of your vendors may be closed, making it hard to get any planning done after work. In these instances, you might have to steal some work time so check off some items on your to-do list. Here are some helpful hints and tricks that will enable you to plan your dream wedding while working your dream job!

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Tips & Tricks
  • Open a blank email at 9am and when a wedding thought pops into your head, jot it in there. Then when you have a spare five minutes, you can get some emailing done in half the time!
  • Create a wedding folder on your work email with subfolders. That way you won't lose anything or waste time searching through an overstuffed inbox.
  • Make the most of your commute and business trips - whether it's 20 minutes on the train or four hours on a plane, work trips can be a great opportunity to write a list or send some ideas to yourself.
  • Create a shared document that you can both access at work - Google Docs! (If you know me, you know how much I love Google Docs). Keep your guest list with contact details there. Since the list might change frequently, this is a great way to give you both access to the most current version simultaneously.

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Do's & Don'ts

DO keep a calendar on your desk and give yourself deadline dates.

DON'T be tempted to swap work commitments for a wedding detail. Sure, you might need to finalize the guest list today, but don't do it at the expense of a huge work project. In the long run, you will be much worse off compromising a work deadline than a wedding one.

DO use the office printer!

DON'T make wedding calls at your desk. No one wants to hear about every little detail
(plus it's unprofessional).

DO use your work email when contacting your venue or suppliers - it's more professional and may be advantageous in negotiations.

DON'T make it super obvious that you're doing some wedding planning at work. Like, for example,  definitely DON'T bring your wedding binder to the office!

DO look up your company's policy for computer use. No employer wants you to use your computer for personal reasons, but DO check just how extensively your online activity is monitored. 

DON'T take long lunch breaks or leave early for fittings - your colleagues will resent it. 

DO, however, utilize your lunch break wisely. Devote a few days a week to vendor phone calls. The key is to plan out your conversation beforehand and make a list so it can be swift and tactful. 

DON'T talk about wedding details with them if they aren't on the invite list!

DO make enquiries with work contacts - if you use the office caterer or florist, you might be able to wrangle a discount!

DON'T mix up your email conversations - your clients don't want to hear about your flowers or venue (unless you're a wedding planner!)

DO have deliveries sent to the office. Half an hour not in line at the post office is half an hour more for planning! 

DON'T leave your cake/decor inspirations on the printer. 
Nothing says 'I'm not working' like 50 printouts from The Blushing Bridal Guide!

DO watch your back - literally! Make sure no one sees you browsing bridal guides all day long. Keep a work file or tab open on your desktop so you can click on that when someone walks by.

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When To Do What

Finding Vendors: Daytime
Researching vendors online - checking out sites, listings or reading other’s recommendations - is an obvious one for that spare five minutes before you have to run into a meeting. Hint: Make sure the volume on your computer is turned off, or at least way down! Many wedding websites play music - don’t get busted!

Finding Inspiration: Daytime
Browse for gowns, bouquets, and more online when you need a mid-afternoon pick me up.

Visiting Vendors: Free time
You're going to want to visit most vendors as a couple anyway, so you'll need your fiancé with you. More importantly, if you really like the vendor, you can talk much longer without worrying about going over your lunch hour.

DIY Stuff: Nighttime
Did you really think you'd be able to assemble programs at your desk? Wedding projects (like tying the bows on all those favor boxes) are definitely a nighttime activity - kick back with a glass of wine and a DVD!

Making Lists: Anytime
Playlists, guest lists, and even to-do lists - whether you manage them online or on paper, keep these at your fingertips so whenever you think of something, you can update them.

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Thanks for reading! Happy Planning!