Something Borrowed, Something Rented

Monday, December 15, 2014

Back in October, I was a working a wedding as a bridal attendant when I overheard my bride having a conversation with one of her guests. I believe the guest was complimenting her on a piece of jewelry or something and the bride's reply was: "Oh, I rented it!"

And that got me thinking... The only rental website I had ever heard of was Rent the RunwaySo the next day, I checked out the Rent the Runway website and found that most of the bride's jewelry and even her clutch were rented from the site! I thought the site was only for dresses - turns out, you can literally rent anything! Think Jennifer Hudson and her Louie rental from Sex and the City... 

So how does it work? Well, it's simple. You get designer goods for like a quarter of the price, if that. You can select either a four day rental or an eight day rental, they handle the dry cleaning, and you just mail it back when you're done! Returns are FREE - how great is that! 

Here are some of my favorite bridal rentals!
Happily Ever After Clutch by Kate Spade
$65 rental | $398 retail
Image c/o
Shrug by Jocelyn Outerwear
$40 rental | $290 retail
Image c/o
Shift Dress by Moschino
$30 rental | $1895 retail
Image c/o

Pearl Trellis Bracelet by Ben-Amun
$10 rental | $145 retail
Image c/o

Click here for more Rent the Runway for the bride!

Of course, many brides might choose to wear her grandmother's or mother's jewelry, or something that has been in the family for generations. However, this isn't the case for every bride and if a bride needs earrings, or a bracelet or something else to complete her look, why not rent it! It's totally cost effective since you basically never rewear anything that you wear on your wedding day.

Personally, I wouldn't rent my actual wedding dress and there are some jewelry items that I might want to keep to pass down, but perhaps I would rent my bridal shower or engagement party dresses. Or that Happily Ever After Kate Spade clutch (so obsessed with it) - because who is going to spend $400 on a clutch you can only use once? Not me!!

Maybe something rented is the new something borrowed!

Thanks for reading! Happy renting!