Wedding Colors 101

Monday, December 8, 2014

The colors you choose for your big day should reflect your personality and style! Colors are powerful - they can influence moods and exude sensuality, coziness, youthfulness and more. Whether you choose your favorite colors or select hues to complement the current season, your wedding day colors speak volumes about you and what you hold dear. 

Things to Consider When Selecting Wedding Colors

Certain colors tend to work better with certain seasons. For example, deep jewel tones are best with fall foliage or the white snow of winter. Bright colors are generally more appropriate for spring or summer nuptials. 

This is so important! Venue halls and hotels sometimes have carpet or wallpaper that will clash with your chosen colors. These are elements that you won't be able to change and that will be difficult to hide in photos. Be sure to use colors that will compliment the space.

Wedding Style
Boho rustic or beachy casual? Either way, certain color palettes tend to be connected to particular themes. Once you hone in on your style, it's easier to start eliminating shades. 

What Flatters You
Don't be afraid to put yourself first! If yellow doesn't work well with your skin tone, then don't use it in your color palette. Think about your bridesmaids and groomsmen as well, and what might look good on them.  The last thing you want is your entire bridal party looking washed out in all your photos! Hint: darker shades (like navy blue) tend to be more universally flattering.

Your Significant Other
Be sure to take your hubby's opinion into account. Use each other's favorite colors.  If they don't clash, but don't exactly match either, try adding more neutral shades into the mix to soften the look. Hint: less intense hues pair much more nicely.

Perhaps you love the idea of a Christmas or Fourth of July wedding? Or you want to play into the romance of Valentine's Day? You should definitely consider incorporating the colors of the holiday into your palette - but just make sure you don't go overboard.  These colors should compliment your wedding day, not overtake it. 

What Do Your Wedding Colors Say About You?

Black: conservative, compliments any color (especially lighter hues), dignified, mysterious, sexy, sophisticated, classic, modern, timelessly elegant
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White: pure, innocent, youth, perfection, simplicity, clean, fresh, serenity, peace
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Red: passionate, romantic, impulsive, outgoing,  love, rage, dramatic, restless, optimistic, fiery, "look at me" flair
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Pink: soft, girlish, sweet, delicate sensitive, affectionate, nurturing, maternal, compassionate
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Orange: spontaneous, daring, bold, happy, trendy, energetic, social, exotic, fearless, curious, zesty
Brown: natural, neutral, wholesomeness, dependability, comfort, contentment, honesty, substantial, steady, responsible
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Yellow: happiness, hope, warmth, vitality, cheerful, optimistic, intellectual, creative, idealistic, enlightenment, spirituality
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Green: life, freshness, nature, fertility, eco-friendly, healthy, environment, harmony, balance, calming, tranquil, affectionate, frank, responsible, stability, fiercely principled, refined
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Blue: tranquility, royalty, soothing, compassionate, deliberate, introspective, conservative, patient, sensitive, wise, serene, cool, cautious, faithful calm, harmonious
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Purple: royalty, luxury, passionate, dignity, tolerance, value, unconventional, observant, tolerant, witty, authoritative, charming, cultured, creative, talented
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In essence, the aforementioned color synopses are not strict rules or character definitions, but are instead designed as an indicator of what is important to you. So choose whichever color/combination speaks to you!

Top Wedding Colors for 2015

Brides today tend to blend and tweak these basic colors to create different hues that will set the tone for their wedding day. Here are the most popular color choices for 2015 weddings!
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Thanks for reading! Happy coloring!