Engagement Etiquette 101

Monday, February 16, 2015

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So he finally put a ring on it?! Congratulations
This is such an exciting time for you and your hubby! 
But guess what? We know your secret... you have QUESTIONS

Well, The Blushing Bridal Guide is here to ensure that brides-to-be and her family & friends get their answers to some of the most commonly asked engagement etiquette questions!

Is it bragging to post a picture of my ring on social media?
There is definitely a more tactful way to show off your ring on social media without bragging. Hint: post a photo of your left hand that includes your hubby! A close up of your ring takes away from the happy couple and puts too much emphasis on the rock. Either way, be sure to show your gratitude by responding to each of your well-wishers!

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Who should I share the news with first?
Strange as it may seem, it's very smart to have a strategy for sharing your engagement. You don't want your parents to find out via Facebook! If you have children, share with them first - alone so they can be honest. Next, tell your closest family and then your best friends and extended family. Your social media and/or newspaper announcement should be last!

How do I deal with uncomfortable questions about the ring?
While questions about cost, carat and authenticity seem rude, they do happen and it is always good to have something prepared as a response. For questions about size, try this response: "It's not the size or quality that matters to me, I just love it!" When it comes to price, say something like this: "[name of fiancé] probably spent more on it than he should have, but I'll cherish it forever."

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When do I change my relationship status on social media?
There is no true etiquette guideline here - this is entirely up to you. Whether it's within minutes of the proposal (after alerting family and close friends) or months later, feel free to do whatever feels natural!

Is it ever appropriate to ask specific questions about the ring?
It's natural to be curious, but try to keep questions about cost, clarity and carats to yourself. If a bride wants you to know those details - she will definitely share them with you!

Can I ask if I'm going to be in the wedding party?
It's best to wait for the bride-to-be to ask you. You don't want to put her in an awkward position if she was planning on having a small bridal party and wasn't planning on including you.

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When can I publicly post my congratulations?
You definitely should wait until the engaged couple has posted themselves! They likely have a plan for announcing their news and you don't want to spill the beans too early.

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Do I have to get the couple an engagement gift?
Engagement gifts have become customary. That said, weddings and all events leading up to them can be very costly, so it is completely acceptable to choose something more affordable here. A small token that communicates a gesture of affection is perfect!

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Hope we answered all your questions!!

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