How To: Host an Engagement Party

Monday, March 30, 2015

Wondering who you saw an excessive amount of engagement announcements on Facebook last week? Well, March 20, 2015 was National Proposal Day! So for all the newly engaged lovebirds out there who are looking to throw an engagement party, The Blushing Bridal Guide is here to answer some of your FAQs!

Who do I invite to the engagement party?
Keep in mind that anyone who you invite to your engagement party (or other pre-wedding events like bridal showers or bachelorette parties) should definitely be invited to your wedding! This is why engagement parties are usually kept relatively small, as the wedding guest list has not yet been finalized. Typically, the couple will invite family, bridal party and close friends to the engagement celebration.
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Who hosts the engagement party and when should it be held?
Traditionally, the parents of the bride are given the first opportunity to host the engagement party, followed by the groom's parents. But really anyone can throw the party, even the couple themselves! Tip: Don't let this duty fall to the MOH or BM as they will have other parties to host ;) 

Engagement parties are usually held closer to the engagement than the wedding. One to three months after the proposal if it's a long engagement, or six months before the wedding if it's a shorter engagement.

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Should I register before my engagement party?
It is proper etiquette to prepare your registry before the party, in case any guests wish to purchase a gift to bring to the engagement soirĂ©e. Be sure to include some relatively inexpensive items to include on the registry. However, do not include the registry info on any invitations, as this is considered bad manners. You can inform guests of your registry as they ask, but not otherwise. That's what your bridal shower and wedding website are for!

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Should I wear white to my engagement party?
Personally, I vote YES! But it truly is up to the bride-to-be. Wear whatever color you please to your engagement party! Wearing white enhances your spotlight, but some feel more comfortable in a color or print, so as not to draw more attention.
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Have other questions or suggestions for a newly engaged couple? Share in the comments below!

Thanks for reading! Happy engagement party planning!