5 Ways to Get the Engagement Ring of Your Dreams

Monday, April 6, 2015

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If you and your hubby are thinking of getting engaged, this can be a very exciting time for both of you! But there is always a white elephant in the room: what if I don't love my ring? 
As always, BBG's got you covered! Here are five ways to get the engagement ring you want!

1. Get Your Friends Involved
Be explicit with your friends! If your partner knows what's good for them, they will ask your friends for input. Show them photos of your dream ring so they know it's the one you want to say yes to! Be sure to give a few variations of style in case the store doesn't have your exact rock.

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2. Pin Away
Fill up a Pinterest board with rings you love and give it an obvious name like "Dream Engagement Rings" so it can be easily found. Again, give a variety of options so your man has some good options to choose from. Besides, we want to make them feel like they have some power to choose here, right?

3. Compliment Rings in the Real World
Drop hints when you're with your partner and point out rings you love. Be specific about what elements of the ring you like best so your man knows to incorporate them into your ring. The cut of the diamond and band width, for example, are important to know and will help him when he goes ring shopping.

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4. Make Sure He Knows Your Favorite Brand or Store
Narrowing in on one place to go shopping will make the ring search so much easier for your guy! Especially if the sales staff there already know what you want, then they can guide him to the perfect ring.

5. Have an Honest Conversation
If you're at the stage where a proposal is coming, then you've hopefully had some honey conversations about getting married. Know that it is okay to start including your ring preferences in these conversations. You can even pick together if that's what works for you!

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Thanks for reading! Happy diamond shopping!