8 Things NOT to do After Your Engagement

Monday, June 8, 2015

Image c/o Julie Cate Photography via Wedding Wire

So you're finally engaged!! This is such an exciting time that you've probably been waiting your entire life for! While we know you're so excited to start wedding planning, there are a couple of things you shouldn't be doing right after he pops the question!

1. Don't Rush It
Enjoy the first few weeks as a newly engaged couple and ease into the wedding planning!

2. Don't Start Small
Dream BIG - it's your special day! But when it comes to wedding planning, it's best to start crossing the big things off your to-do list, like booking the venue, hiring vendors, and mapping out the guest list. Take care of the smaller details, like place cards and favors, later.

3. Don't Go Dress Shopping Immediately
I know you're just dying to say yes to the dress, but you should really choose a venue before you choose a dress. The venue sets the tone for the entire wedding and will totally shape your bridal style!

4. Don't Be Too Rigid
Be flexible and keep an open mind - not everything will be in your control and compromises will have to be made - and that's OK!

5. Don't Discuss Details That Haven't Been Finalized 
Plans change! So keep all the unknowns to yourself for now.

6. Don't Make Promises 
Before you start promising plus ones or giving out ceremony tasks, be sure to have such things like a guest list and ceremony program in the works.

7. Don't Make Solo Decisions
While you might be used to being a strong and independent woman and making decisions on your own, you have to keep your other half in the loop, especially when it comes to the wedding details!!

8. Don't Avoid Talking About Budget
You can't have a wedding without a budget! Don't put off talking about the budget - it's really important!

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Thanks for reading! Happy planning!

This post was inspired by Wedding Wire.