The Blushing Buzz: Jeweled Bouquets

Monday, June 29, 2015

Every bride needs her bouquet! Real flowers are so beautiful, but a week or so after the wedding and they're ready to be tossed away. Of course you can keep a few to press or dry out, but its just not the same. What if there was a way to preserve your entire bouquet forever? Well, there is!

Original Photo | Kleinfeld Accessory Boutique

These Jeweled Bouquets are this week's hottest bridal accessory at Kleinfeld! Each bouquet can be made custom for each bride to match her wedding colors and theme. Ranging in size, style and price, every bouquet is hand made with beautiful Swarovski crystal floral brooches and pins.

Original Photo | Kleinfeld Accessory Boutique

 Imagine one of these Jeweled Bouquets in your china closet as a beautiful memory from your wedding that will last forever!

Original Photo | Kleinfeld Accessory Boutique

For more information, check out the Jeweled Bouquet website here! Or stop into the Kleinfeld Boutique in NYC so you can see the gorgeous bouquets for yourself!

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