The Blushing Buzz: A Lovely Treat for Your Dancing Feet

Monday, August 10, 2015

Need a perfect and practical gift for your blushing bridesmaids? Well, you're in luck! Kleinfeld Bridal  now sells Talaria Flats, a premium foldable flat shoe so you and your bridesmaids 
can dance the night away!!

These flats come in a beautiful boxed set for an adorable presentation...

Original Photo | Kleinfeld Accessories Boutique

There are two types of flats: premium and classic. The premium flats are available in white, black, silver and champagne, and can be purchased individually or in a boxed set. The classic flats are available in gold and black, and are sold in a boxed set only.

Original Photo | Kleinfeld Accessories Boutique

I have a pair of the premium champagne flats and I LOVE them! They are so comfortable and are the perfect shoe to give your feet a break from your heels!

Original Photo | Kleinfeld Accessories Boutique

Kleinfeld just restocked so hurry in before they are gone!

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