10 Questions Every Bridesmaid Will Ask

Monday, September 28, 2015

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As some of my followers might already know, I've recently been given the title of Maid of Honor for my BFF's upcoming wedding! Even though her wedding is a few years off, I am super excited and so anxious to start planning! 

So I've been clicking through Pinterest and now I'm starting to ask myself questions about what my role in the wedding will be. What gifts should I be giving? How much will my bridesmaids' dress cost? When do I need to give a speech?

Today's post is for both the bride-to-be and her bridesmaids! While preparing the bride-to-be for what  questions her bridesmaids are going to ask, it will also give answers to some of the most frequently asked bridesmaids questions!

1. Who are the other bridesmaids and how should we stay in touch?
The bride-to-be will usually introduce everyone (of you don't know them already!) at a small get-together, like a brunch. You definitely need to come up with a source of communication for everyone to stay in touch throughout the planning process. There's email, social media, and even wedding apps - definitely looking into that!

2. What should I do for hair and makeup?
Whether or not the bride-to-be has a stylist lined up, be sure to have this conversation with her and the other bridesmaids. The Bride might have specific details in mind - like hair all up and a nice pop of color for the lip.

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3. Can I choose my own shoes and accessories?
Usually, the Bride will leave this up to you but it's definitely a good idea to plan ahead with the other 'maids!

4. Should I offer input on the bridesmaids' dress selection?
You don't want to overstep yourself, but the Bride will most likely ask your opinion. Be open to what the Bride wants, but also be prepared to offer small suggestions on how to balance the individual style of each bridesmaid.

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5. How much will my dress cost and do I pay for it?
On average, bridesmaids' dresses cost about $150 plus alterations. Bridesmaids generally cover the cost of their own dress. If you have financial concerns, tell the Bride before she selects a dress so that she can stick to a budget that works for all. 

6. Do I have to go to everything?
All the bridesmaids might not live near each other, which might make it difficult to attend every wedding event. Between dress fittings, luncheons, showers, the bachelorette - fitting it all in can be tough! Let the bride know if you cannot make any events and offer to help her prepare for it so you can be there in spirit!

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7. What should I wear to the rehearsal dinner?
Make sure you ask in advance so you have plenty of time to plan your outfit. You don't want to be underdressed - because you can never be overdressed!

8. What do I need for the bridal shower/bachelorette?
Maid of Honor, you're up! The MOH has a BIG job to do, so don't just take a backseat for these events! All bridesmaids should be sure to check in with her to see if she needs any help. She will surely appreciate it!

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9. Do I need to prepare a speech?
Usually only the MOH will make a speech on the big day, but it's always good to ask the bride if she'd like you and the other bridesmaids to say a few words!

10. How can I be supportive on the big day?
Be there for everything and anything! From making sure her glass is always full to bustling her dress or taming a curl, be there to make this the happiest day of her life!

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Thanks for reading!