The Blushing Buzz: Enamored of Emmy

Monday, September 7, 2015

As the summer draws to a close, so does my summer blog series, The Blushing Buzz. For my final post, I am choosing to highlight Emmy London Shoes!

Having worked with this designer personally, I can tell you firsthand just how wonderful she is, not to mention how absolutely stunning her shoes are!! 

Original Photo | Kleinfeld Accessories Boutique

One of her most popular shoes is the Cinderella, which is pictured above. These, among other Emmy London designs are available for purchase in Kleinfeld's Accessory Boutique.
You can also place an order with me by calling 646-633-4369.

Emmy Shoes is based in London, UK. The shoes are well-made and beautifully crafted and are enhanced with a special finish to the beaded and crystal details to minimize the catching on delicate fabrics, especially that of a wedding gown.

Original Photo | Kleinfeld Accessories Boutique

In addition to her traditional bridal designs, Emmy Shoes also offers every style from pumps to sandals with a gorgeous pop of color!

Original Photo | Kleinfeld Accessories Boutique

The Francesca shoe, pictured below on the right, is another bestselling shoe by Emmy. Deemed the showstopper of their iconic bridal collection, the Francesca is a beautifully embellished in "crystal and mother of pearl, made in the softest blush leather with metallic rose gold trim," (c/o

Original Photo | Kleinfeld Accessories Boutique

So what do you think of Emmy Shoes? Would you wear these on your wedding day? Let me know in the comments below!

For more information about Emmy Shoes, click here.

To check Kleinfeld's stock for these or any other accessories, give me a call at 646-633-4369 or shoot me an email at:

Thanks for reading!