8 Signs Your Engagement is Right around the Corner!

Monday, November 30, 2015

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The holiday season is officially here! You know what that means... your news feed is quickly going to be filled with engagement photos!! Don't worry though, today's post is going to help you spot the signs that your engagement is right around the corner...

1. Future Plans
An easy to way to know that your ring is coming is if your hubby keeps talking about your future together. Maybe before future talk was uncertain but now discussing far off plans seems totally natural.

2. Missing Jewelry
If your favorite ring has suddenly gone missing, don't be alarmed! Maybe a little elf borrowed it to double check your ring size...

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3. Quiet Time
Proposing is a huge deal, so if your significant other is acting nervous or anxious don't worry. Comfort him (without nagging him) to help calm those butterflies.

4. Tighter Budget
If money seems tight and your nights out have become nights in, it doesn't always mean that things are going south for the two of you. He might just be starting to save for payments on your new bling.

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5. Family Matters
If your family is acting weird and has stopped nagging you about when your proposal is coming, it might just be because they don't want to blow the big surprise!

6. Time for a Mani/Pedi
Is your BFF suddenly overly concerned about whether your nails are chipped or not? If so, she probably just wants to make sure that your left ring finger is camera ready!

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7. Out of the Ordinary Date Ideas
If your hubby is suddenly wanting to take you on lavish, out of the ordinary dates, maybe something is up! He clearly can't propose over a carry-out dinner with Netflix on the TV!

8. Weekend Getaway
Speaking of out of the ordinary dates, nothing is more romantic than a vacation or long weekend getaway! Whether you're snuggled up fireside in a snowy cabin, or lounging at a five-star resort, the alone time sets the scene for a perfect proposal!

And don't worry if you can't spot the signs - your significant other might just be really good at surprises! Sometimes the best proposals catch you totally off guard and seem so out of the blue!

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Thanks for reading! Happy Holidays!